product delivery platform
global innovation process
strategic partnerships
  capturing consumer imagination

Xela is a team of best-of-breed product innovators, developers and marketers that encompass the full spectrum of the development life cycle—from idea generation to consumer product launches.

Functionally, Xela is comprised of project management teams, industrial design and engineering expertise, robust manufacturing support from 3C Automation, and the commercial marketing talents of North Design. These partners come together in Xela’s unique product development process to optimize an innovation’s time-to-market and market potential.

To date, Xela has successfully guided more than 100 products to manufacturing, using its extensive network of industry relationships and contacts to drive development and capture the attention of innovators, sales/marketing firms, investing groups, and venture capitalists around the globe.

Whether developing turn key products for licensing or spinning off products to new companies under the Xela Innovations umbrella, Xela supports innovators worldwide to bring all products to market with confidence.

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